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Annotation 625.0037

625.0037 Claims. The period for filing a claim for the exclusion begins on the date of purchase or transfer, or on the date of mailing of the notice of supplemental or escape assessment. The phrase "within three years" in Revenue and Taxation Code section 63.1(e)(2) means the claim must be filed no later than three years for a purchase or transfer; and in section 63.1(e)(3), the phrase "within six months after" means the claim must be filed within six months of the date of mailing the notice. For a transfer that occurred on October 23, 1992, the three-year period ended October 23, 1995; a claim filed on October 24, 1995, was late. And if the notice of supplemental assessment was mailed on December 20, 1994, the six-month filing period would have ended no later than June 20, 1994. C 3/22/1996.