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Title Publication Date Translated Fillable
Aircraft and California Tax Pub 79-A 02/14 Spanish
Appeals Procedures Sales and Use Taxes and Special Taxes Pub 17 02/17 Spanish, Thai No
Graphic Design, Printing, and Publishing Pub 37 02/17   No
Audits Pub 76 04/17 Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Thai No
Behind On Your Payment? What You Need To Know Pub 54-A 08/13   No
California Buyer's Guide to Tax Pub 452 05/17   No
Closing Out Your Account Pub 74 12/15 Chinese, Spanish
Consumer Sales and Use Tax Questions Pub 53-A 10/08 Spanish No
Direct Transmitter's Guide Pub 572 06/17   No
District Taxes (Sales and Use Taxes) Pub 44 01/17 Spanish No
Documented Vessels and California Tax Pub 79 02/14   Yes
Doing Business Just Got Easier with eReg Pub 214 05/12   No
Efile Guide for EFT Accounts Pub 159-EFT 01/17   No
Filing a Claim for Refund Pub 117 12/16 Spanish No
Board of Equalization Resource Guide to Free Tax Products and Services for Small Businesses Pub 51 10/16 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
How to Inspect and Correct Your Records Pub 58-A 01/10   No
Innocent Spouse Relief from Sales & Use Tax Pub 57 10/03 Yes
Interest, Penalties and Fees Pub 75 11/15   No
Managed Audit Program Pub 53 01/17   No
Offers In Compromise Pub 56 03/11   No
Online Services Pub 439 01/16   No
Out-of-State Sellers: Do You Need to Register with California? Pub 77 11/15   No
Prepaid Sales Tax and Sales of Fuel Pub 82 02/14   No
Sales and Use Taxes: Exemptions and Exclusions Pub 61 02/17   No
Sales and Use Tax Questions for the Business Person Pub 53-B 05/12 Spanish No
Sales of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products in California - License Requirement for Retailers Pub 78 10/16   No
Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program Pub 164 07/17 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
Striking Gold in California – What You Need to Know About Taxes and Your Small Business Pub 170 05/16 Spanish No
Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program Pub 165 12/16   No
Collection Procedures Pub 54 12/16 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
Tax Information for City and County Officials Pub 28 03/11   No
Taxpayer Educational Consultation Pub 176-1 09/15   No
Understanding Your Rights as a California Taxpayer Pub 70 09/11 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
Vehicles and Vessels: Use Tax Pub 52 04/17 Spanish No
What to Expect in a Computer-Assisted Audit Pub 147 01/10   No
Your California Seller's Permit Pub 73 05/14 Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese No
Title Publication Date Translated Fillable
Advertising Agencies Pub 38 02/09   No
Agricultural Industry Pub 66 06/17   No
Auto Repair Garages and Service Stations Pub 25 08/17 Spanish No
Buying and Selling Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals Pub 122 11/14   No
California Tire Fee Pub 91 05/14   No
Cell Phones and Other Wireless Telecommunication Devices Pub 120 11/15 Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean No
Construction and Building Contractors Pub 9 03/16   No
Dining & Beverage Industry Pub 22 06/17 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese No
Drug Stores Pub 27 10/16   No
Dry Cleaners Pub 125 01/14 Chinese, Korean No
Electronic Waste Recycling Fee Pub 95 05/14   No
Graphic Design, Printing and Publishing Pub 37 02/17   No
Grocery Stores Pub 31 10/16 Chinese, Korean, Spanish No
Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities Pub 45 02/09   No
Interior Designers and Decorators Pub 35 01/12 Spanish No
Jewelry Stores Pub 64 05/14   No
Leasing Tangible Personal Property Pub 46 04/17   No
Liquor Stores Pub 24 10/16   No
Locksmiths Pub 62 01/15   No
Lumber Products and Engineered Wood Products Pub 256 03/15   No
Lumber Products Assessment Flyer L-403 12/14   No
Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services (MTS) Surcharge Pub 559 10/16   No
Manufacturing and Research & Development Exemption Tax Guide Pub 541 01/15   No
Mobile Food Vendors Tax Guide Pub 287 06/14 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
Mobilehomes & Factory-Built Housing Pub 47 01/17   No
Motor Vehicle Dealers Pub 34 08/17   No
Nonprofit Organizations Pub 18 01/16 Spanish No
Organized Camps Pub 127 02/14   No
Photographers, Photo Finishers, and Film Processing Laboratories Pub 68 11/14   No
Sales to American Indians and Sales in Indian Country Pub 146 07/16   No
Sales to Purchasers From Mexico Pub 32 11/14 Spanish No
Tax Help for the Cannabis Industry Pub 557 / Pub-557-I 10/15 / 04/17   No
Veterinarians Pub 36 01/16   No
Watercraft Industry Pub 40 02/15   No
Title Publication Date Translated Fillable
Biodiesel and California Tax Pub 96 06/12   No
California Businesses: How to Identify and Report California Use Tax Due Pub 123 01/17 Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese No
California Use Tax Basics Pub 110 02/16 Spanish No
Combination Packages and Gift-Wrapping Pub 106 05/14   No
Consignment Sales Pub 114 04/12 Spanish No
Coupons, Discounts and Rebates Pub 113 06/14 Spanish No
District Taxes and Delivered Sales Pub 105 01/17 Spanish No
Do You Need a California Seller's Permit? Pub 107 09/15 Korean, Spanish No
Drop Shipments Pub 121 04/16   No
Internet Auction Sales and Purchases Pub 177 01/17   No
Internet Sales Pub 109 10/16 Spanish No
Labor Charges Pub 108 05/16 Spanish No
Mandatory Use Tax Registration for Service Enterprises Pub 126 02/14   No
Online Buying or Selling – Know Your Tax Obligation FTB 3730 03/10   No
Operators of Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events Pub 111 06/10 Spanish No
Sales and Use Tax Records Pub 116 10/16 Spanish No
Sales Delivered Outside California Pub 101 03/14 Spanish No
Sales for Resale Pub 103 02/15 Spanish No
Sales to Residents of Other Countries Pub 104 05/12 Spanish No
Sales to the United States Government Pub 102 03/12 Spanish No
Shipping and Delivery Charges Pub 100 06/12 Spanish No
Tips, Gratuities, and Service Charges Pub 115 08/09 Spanish No
Use Tax: Guide to Reporting Out-of-State Purchases Pub 217 01/14   No
Vending Machine Food Sales Pub 118 01/17   No
Voluntary Disclosure Program Pub 178 11/14   No
Warranties and Maintenance Agreements Pub 119 07/13   No

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