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Annotation 625.0218

625.0218 Trusts. Mother transferred her properties into a testamentary trust, which directed that after her death all income from the properties would be distributed semi-annually to her five sons in equal shares, and that upon each son's death, his beneficial interest would be re-allocated in equal shares to the surviving sons, until only one son remained. Upon the death of the fourth son, the trust ceased, and the trust properties would be distributed one-half to the surviving son and one-half in equal shares to Mother's grandchildren.

Upon the death of each son, his lifetime interest in the trust property terminates and transfers by prior directive of the transferor/Mother to the other surviving sons and, ultimately, to her grandchildren. Since Mother is the transferor, either the parent/child exclusion or the grandparent/grandchild exclusion may apply to exclude each of the transfers from change in ownership provided that all of the requirements of Revenue and Taxation Code section 63.1 are met. C 2/8/1999.