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Annotation 625.0192

625.0192 Step Transaction. Transfers of interests in legal entities, e.g., limited partnerships, by "original co-owners" into revocable trusts, irrevocable trustor-transferor beneficiary trusts, or trustor reversion trusts should not be "counted" for Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(d) purposes. The trust exclusion in Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(d) takes precedence over transfers by "original co-owners" under section 64(d). If the "original co-owners" take the extra steps described in the note of legislative intent following Revenue and Taxation Code section 63.1 in order to use the parent/child exclusion, the step transaction doctrine may not be applied to collapse the steps and trigger a change in ownership under section 64(d). C 10/30/1996; C 9/29/1997.