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Annotation 625.0090

625.0090 Inheritance. A testamentary transfer to a child by a parent was held by the court in Larson v. Duca (1989) 213 Cal.App.3d. 324 to have occurred on the date of distribution of the estate rather than on the date of death for purposes of applying the parent/child exclusion from change in ownership. This was contrary to an opinion issued by Board staff based upon Probate Code section 300. Subsequently, Revenue and Taxation Code section 63.1(c)(1) was amended to provide that as of January 1, 1993, transfers between parents and their children under will or by intestate succession are, for change in ownership purposes, made as of the date of the decedent's death, if the decedent died on or after November 6, 1986. C 7/10/1987.