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Annotation 220.0439

220.0439 Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. If membership in a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation does not convey an interest in real property akin to beneficial ownership, as in a mere license to use the property, the transfer of a membership interest in the corporation is not a change in ownership of any of the property owned by the corporation pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(a). However, if members are granted sufficient rights to real property, such as exclusive use and development rights, as well as the right to buy and sell specific property, so that beneficial ownership is conveyed, a transfer of such membership constitutes a change in ownership of the property to which that membership gives rights.

Since mutual benefit corporations are "legal entities" within the meaning of section 64, the provisions of section 62(a)(2) and section 64(d) also apply. The proportional ownership interest should be measured by members, or by the board of directors if there are no members. The members or directors become "original co-owners" in the mutual benefit corporation such that if a voting interest change of more than 50 percent in the members or directors occurs, there would be a change in ownership of the property previously excluded under section 62(a)(2). If a single member obtains more than 50 percent of the voting interest in a mutual benefit corporation, the corporation would undergo a change in control pursuant to section 64(c)(1). C 6/2/2010.