Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Revision 2010



Volume 1 & 2

Sales and Use Tax

Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax

Transactions and Use Tax

Additional Local Taxes

Index of Published Annotations

Index of Deleted Annotations

Sales and Use Tax - Proposed Annotations

Sales and Use Tax Memorandum Opinions

Rules for Tax Appeals

Volume 3

Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax

Use Fuel Tax

Diesel Fuel Tax

Alcoholic Beverage Tax

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act

California Cigarette Fire Safety and Firefighter Protection Act

Volume 4

Tax on Insurers

Energy Resource Surcharge

Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge

Hazardous Substances Tax

Hazardous Waste Fee

Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention

Integrated Waste Management Fee

Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee

California Tire Fee

Oil Spill

Marine Invasive Species Fee Collection

Natural Gas Surcharge

Water Rights Fee

Fee Collection Procedures

Special Taxes Administration—Miscellaneous

Special Taxes Department Memorandum Opinions

Proposed Changes Special Taxes and Fees Annotations