Publication 216, The First 100 Years


We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of those individuals and organizations who have contributed to the extensive research prerequisite to recording this history.

Following in alphabetical order are the Board employees, past and present, and government agencies whose personnel participated in this project, and the libraries, historical societies, and newspapers whose archives were consulted for information and photographs.

Libraries, Museums, and Historical Societies

Butte County Library, Calaveras County Museum and Archives, California Historical Society (San Francisco), California State Library (California Section), EI Dorado County Historical Society, EI Dorado County Library, Greenville (South Carolina) County Library, Healdsburg Museum, Monterey County Historical Society, Inc., Oakland City Library, Placer County Library, Sonoma County Library, Sutter County Library, Yuba County Library.


Franchise Tax Board, Monterey County Clerk's Office, Secretary of State's Office, State Controller's Office.


Los Angeles Evening Post, Los Angeles Times, Oakland Observer, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, San Diego Union, San Francisco Bulletin, San Francisco Call, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Jose Pioneer, Sutter County Farmer.


Gordon P. Adelman, Douglas D. Bell, Leroy E. Benson, John J. Campbell, Harold A. Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chesebrough, James J. Delaney, Dorothy Denny, Mrs. Arthur Coglan Devlin, Dorothy S. Eilersen, Shirley Filiatrault, Mrs. Phyllis (Wilcoxon) Gavin, Abram F. Goldman, Robert H. Gustafson, Mrs. Patricia Heiskell Hillman, Audrey Janisen, Frank M. Keesling, John Keith, Elizabeth Lague, Jolene Mado, Arthur S. Merrill, Raymond Mrotek, John H. Murray, George A. Nelson, Stanley Pierson, Jeff Reynolds, Edward Steele, William R. Thomson, Justice Roger J. Traynor, Ronald B. Welch, Richard B. West. Williams, Dimond, and Company.