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As your elected taxpayer advocate, I'm fighting to make sure all Californians are treated fairly and to promote tax policies that help grow our economy. I'm always open to hearing your ideas on how we can work together to solve the toughest problems facing our state.


Single-payer Healthcare for California?
Doctor holding clipboardA controversial healthcare bill is making its way through the state Legislature. Senate Bill 562 would outlaw private medical insurance in California and create a state-run healthcare system.

An analysis of SB 526 shows implementing a single-payer healthcare system would cost the state $400 billion per year, more than three times our current state budget. Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton believes single-payer would “be astronomically expensive, politically impossible and beyond state government’s competence.”

I’d like to hear your thoughts about this bill. Feel free to send feedback to

Enterprise Zone Elimination Hasn't Been Revenue Neutral

Remember last month when I wrote about political scams being the norm in California? It turns out you can officially add the elimination of enterprise zones to that list.
Back in 2013, Governor Brown and lawmakers decided that California’s Enterprise Zones weren’t producing enough stable, long term jobs. The replacement, the governor’s Economic Development Initiative, was supposed to produce more jobs and be revenue-neutral. It’s not.

According to the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, the state will gain nearly $2 billion at taxpayers' expense. The reason appears to be that the new tax incentives were far too narrowly defined in state law, preventing many taxpayers from participating.
To help correct this problem, I’ve been working with Senator Ted Gaines, who has introduced legislation (SB 13) to expand California’s manufacturing and research exemption. Expanding this underutilized exemption would be a much-welcomed boost for taxpayers, our job market and the economy.
Unfortunately, the bill is currently being held in the Senate Appropriations Committee’s “suspense file.”
Please consider contacting your elected officials and asking them to support this important business-friendly bill.

BOE Adopts More Reforms

During the Board of Equalization’s May meeting, Board Members voted to adopt reforms that promote good governance.

The reforms include removing Board Members from all hiring decisions except for choosing an Executive Director and Chief Counsel, as well as requiring new annual training for employees on how to comply with budget law.

Thank you to my colleagues for supporting these necessary reforms.

Around the District

This month, I presented Joe McClure with a resolution in honor of his distinguished service as District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Sacramento District Office.
Runner presenting a resolution to Joe McClure of the Small Business Administration
Joe is joining the team at Golden Pacific Bank, headquartered in Sacramento, as Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer. His leadership at the SBA will be greatly missed in the Capital Region.

Free Small Business Tax Seminars

To help business owners understand California's complex tax laws, my office is sponsoring several free Small Business Tax Seminars in June.

June 8, 2017 – Placerville Small Business Tax Seminar
June 15, 2017 – Chico Small Business Tax Seminar

June 29, 2017 – Ontario Small Business Tax Seminar

Topics include common sales and use tax problems, employee or independent contractor, forms of ownership and recordkeeping. Representatives from the BOE, Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board and Internal Revenue Service will conduct presentations and answer questions.

Register online or call 1-888-847-9652.

Tax Tip

Post it note with the word tipQ: Where can I find a list of publications that helps business owners and nonprofit organizations navigate California’s complex tax laws?

A: As your elected member of the Board of Equalization, I want to do everything I can to help your business or nonprofit thrive. That’s why I’ve put together a resources page on my website. There, you will find popular publications, industry information, and other resources that you may find beneficial.

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