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Time Value of Money – Six Functions of a Dollar

The purpose of this training session is to explain the compound interest functions presented in Assessors' Handbook Section 505, Capitalization Formulas and Tables, the key concepts of the time value of money, and its relationship to appraising. This session consists of 10 modules. Each module provides a discussion of the function or concept contained in the module, and shows practice examples of the calculation or method.

This course meets the California State Board of Equalization training requirement for county property tax appraisers and auditor-appraisers, and successful completion of the course will result in 8 hours appraisal training credit.

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Prerequisites: None

This course can be used as a prerequisite for Course 7, Appraisal of Agricultural Property; Course 56, Advanced Sales Comparison and Income Capitalization Approaches; and Course 120, Investment Mathematics and Financial Calculators. This session is also suggested for appraisers who are about to take Course 3, Residential Appraisal Procedures.

Text (available online at Assessors' Handbook page)

  • Assessors' Handbook Section 505, Capitalization Formulas and Tables

Note: Assessors' staff should contact their training coordinators for enrollment instructions. This training session cannot be used to attain an advanced appraisal certificate, but it can be used for the annual training requirements for an appraiser or auditor-appraiser holding a temporary, permanent, or advanced certificate. This session may not be repeated for training credit.