Proposed New Propery Tax Rule On Appraiser Certification

Date Description of Task
03/27/02 Staff to distribute a draft of the proposed rule to interested parties (Letter to accompany the draft inviting interested parties to submit proposed changes to the draft)
05/13/02 Deadline for interested parties to provide proposed changes, in the form of alternative text, to staff on draft rule
06/13/02 Staff to distribute an agenda matrix, summarizing proposed changes, for the interested parties meeting
06/27/02 Staff to meet with interested parties to discuss proposed changes to the draft rule
07/23/02 Deadline for interested parties to submit final comments to staff regarding pending issues (Comments are limited to those items addressed in the matrix and discussed at the meeting)
08/30/02 Staff to submit issue paper and other required documents for the Property Tax Committee meeting
09/11/02 Property Tax Committee to hear presentations on unresolved issues regarding the wording of the proposed rule and adopt recommendations for the Board's consideration