Residential Property Assessment Appeals, Publication 30

Date Description of Task
October 12, 2001 Staff to distribute a letter advising interested parties of the project, project schedule, and invite interested parties to submit suggestions
December 7, 2001 Deadline for interested parties to submit suggestions to staff regarding the publication content
December 28, 2001 Staff to distribute an agenda matrix, summarizing proposed changes, for the interested parties meeting
January 18, 2002 Staff to meet with interes ted parties to discuss proposed changes to the publication
February 1, 2002 Deadline for interested parties to submit final comments to staff regarding pending issues (Comments are limited to those items addressed in the matrix and discussed at the meeting)
February 2002 Staff to work with Document Design to develop draft of the publication
March 12, 2002 Staff to submit issue paper and other required documents for the Property Tax Committee meeting
March 26, 2002 Property Tax Committee to hear presentations on the unresolved issues regarding the wording of the publication and adopt recommendations for the Board's consideration
March - June 2002 Staff to print and distribute the publication to counties