Training – Overview of California Property Tax

Overview of California Property Tax Self-Study Training Session

The Property Tax Department has developed a self-study training session designed to provide general information about the California property tax under the provisions Proposition 13. Completion of the reading assignment and correctly answering at least 80 percent of the review questions will qualify for 4 hours of training credit as required by Revenue and Taxation Code section 671 for certified appraisers, and section 675 for certified assessment analysts, who are employees of the state, any county, or city and county. This training session cannot be used to attain an advanced appraisal certificate, but it can be used for the annual training requirements for an appraiser, auditor-appraiser, or assessment analyst holding a temporary, permanent, or advanced certificate. This self-study training session may not be repeated for training credit.

Individuals completing the training session may:

Send questions to:
Or call: 1-916-274-3350

The completed review questions and certification document should be mailed to:

State Board of Equalization
County-Assessed Properties Division, MIC: 64
P.O. Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279-0064

or scanned and emailed to (the originals do not need to be mailed):

Required documents: