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Income Approach to Value

The purpose of this training session is designed to equip property tax appraisers with an understanding of the fundamental principles of valuing property for ad valorem property tax purposes using the income approach to value. It explains the basic assumptions of the income approach to value and various steps in the valuation process. It discusses capitalization techniques used to derive rates and estimates of value.

In this learning session, instruction is provided through structured reading and illustrated examples in 20 lessons. Additionally, demonstrations are used in certain lessons to show more complex topics, or to tie related subjects together.

This course meets the California State Board of Equalization training requirement for county property tax appraisers and auditor-appraisers, and successful completion of the course will result in 33 hours appraisal training credit. This training session cannot be used to attain an advanced appraisal certificate. However, appraisers who successfully complete this online session may challenge the Course 5 exam and then attain credit toward advanced appraiser certification.

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Prerequisites: None

This session can be used as a prerequisite for Course 7, Appraisal of Agricultural Property; Course 9, Appraisal of Taxable Possessory Interests; Course 52, Valuation of Restricted (Open-Space) Lands; Course 56, Advanced Sales Comparison and Income Capitalization Approaches; and Course 120, Investment Mathematics and Financial Calculators.

Text (available online at Assessors' Handbook page)

  • Assessors' Handbook Section 501, Basic Appraisal
  • Assessors' Handbook Section 502, Advanced Appraisal

Note: Assessors' staff should contact their training coordinators for enrollment instructions. This training session can be used for the annual training requirements for an appraiser or auditor-appraiser holding a temporary, permanent, or advanced certificate. This session may not be repeated for training credit.