Supplemental Assessment Practices Survey Report Released for Riverside County- News Release - 2000

NR# 15-P
Date: April 20, 2001
Customer and Taxpayer Services Division

Supplemental Assessment Practices Survey Report Released for Riverside County

The Board of Equalization (BOE) today released a supplemental assessment practices survey report on the Riverside County Assessor's Office announced Claude Parrish, Chairman, State Board of Equalization (BOE), and member Franchise Tax Board.

Approximately once every five years, the BOE reviews each county's property tax assessment practices and makes recommendations for improvement. Supplemental assessment practices surveys are performed to review the extent of progress made by the assessor with regard to the recommendations contained in the most recent report.

The most recent assessment practices survey for Riverside County, dated March 1998, contained 26 recommendations.

Several of the original recommendations concerned documentation of appraisal records for various types of property. The individual records still contain little documentation, but the assessor has improved the master databases by property type.

At the time the BOE performed the assessment practices survey, fewer than 60 percent of the mandatory property tax audits were being completed timely. The assessor has eliminated this backlog.

The BOE's County Property Tax Division performed the fieldwork for this report during August 2000.