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Welcome! The following toolkits have been prepared to offer a starting point for individuals seeking assistance in establishing, operating, and managing a nonprofit charitable organization or small business, or for those who want to develop and/or enhance their personal financial knowledge and skills.

As a public official, I am committed to convening and developing resources for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, to help them better understand their state tax requirements and to make positive and sound financial decisions.

I hope you find this information useful and wish you every success!

Betty T. Yee
Board Member

(Disclaimer: The resources contained in these toolkits are for information only and do not constitute written advice. Instead, these toolkits provide contact information for government agencies and community-based resources. The resources identified in these toolkits are not intended to be exhaustive, but instead, are featured to respond to frequently asked questions about available resources. Any listing here in no way constitutes endorsement of the organization or its web content.)