About the Member

Jerome E. Horton was overwhelmingly elected to the California State Board of Equalization on November 2, 2010, after being appointed to the Board by Governor Schwarzenegger and confirmed by the California State Assembly and Senate in 2009.

Horton joined the Board with over 35 years of public service experience, including 21 years with the Board. While at the Board, Horton served as the Business Tax Adviser and Legislative Director to Board Member Parrish, Supervisor, District Reviewer, and was an architect of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and the Joint Enforcement Criminal Task Force.

Elected Vice Chairman of the Board October 6, 2009, and Chairman January 26, 2011, Horton established the Southern California Settlement and Appeals Division, enhanced compliance programs, launched the Human Trafficking Initiative, and sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and educational outreach programs to help minimize the tax burden and level the playing field for California taxpayers.

Prior to joining the Board, Horton was president of Strategic Advocates, a business consulting firm, and served on the California Medical Assistance Commission, giving him a unique insight into business and public policy.

Serving in the California State Assembly, from 2000-2006, Horton chaired the powerful Governmental Organization Committee and the Horse Racing and Community College sub-committees.

Horton also served on various influential legislative policy committees, including Budget, Elections, Insurance, Banking and Finance, and on the California Workforce Investment and the Cultural Endowment Boards. Notably, Horton is the author of the legislation that established the Board's Tax Investigation Unit and Business Tax Debtors Disclosure policies.

Before joining the Legislature in 2000, Horton served on the Inglewood City Council, Housing and Redevelopment Agency, and as president of the Coalition for Responsible Development in Inglewood, Chairman of the California Democratic Party's 51st Assembly District, Co-Founder of Children's Rights 2000, and a partner with the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Investment Firm.

Horton is the first African American elected to the Board of Equalization since its inception in 1879 and the third African American constitutional officer in California's history.

Horton graduated from El Camino College with a degree in business administration and California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in finance and accounting. He is also a licensed realtor.

Horton, a native of Pinebluff, Arkansas, is married to the Honorable Yvonne Horton, City Clerk of the City of Inglewood, and together they share two children, Myeshia and Matthew, one granddaughter, Sahara, one dog, and two cats.