Business Taxes Committee 2007 Meeting Schedule and List of Topics

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Current as of August 15, 2007

2007 Materials Preparation and Review Schedule

Topic Material or Minutes Available
02/01/07 Proposed revisions to Regulation 1521, Construction Contractors, regarding photovoltaic cells and solar panel Issue Paper
03/20/07 No item currently scheduled  
04/24/07 No item currently scheduled  
05/31/07 Proposed revisions to Regulation 1802, Place of Sale and Use for Purposes of Bradley Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Taxes, regarding the direct allocation of the use tax to the jurisdiction of use Minutes
Issue Paper
MSLLC 4/6/07 Submission
05/31/07 Discussion of Regulation 1803, Application of Tax, regarding the application of the local sales and use tax

Second Discussion Paper
Issue Paper
MSLLC 4/6/07 Submission

07/17/07 No item currently scheduled  
08/14/07 Review, discussion and proposed regulations regarding the classification and tax rates of flavored malt beverages Issue Paper
09/11/07 No item currently scheduled  
10/23/07 No item currently scheduled  
11/14/07 No item currently scheduled  
12/11/07 No item currently scheduled