Agenda Changes for the May 23-24, 2017, Board Meeting

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As of May 23, 2017

Date of Change Item Number Description of Item Description of Change
5/23/2017 R2 Operational Issues for Information and Discussion Material Revised
5/22/2017 R3 Organization of the Board Material Revised
5/19/2017 C3a-b Maher Rashid Ataya, 487673;
Houssam Rachid Ataya, 812248
5/18/2017 G2.1a-b Southview, LLC, 842764; and, Clem H. Abrams and Lydia K. Abrams, 842770 Dismissed
5/18/2017 C1 Total PCS Solutions, Inc., 569684, 859789 Deferred
5/17/2017 N3 Proposed revisions to Audit Manual chapters 4, General Audit Procedures and 12, Construction Contractors, and Compliance Policy and Procedures Manual chapter 7, Collections Material Revised
5/17/2017 C4 Medimarts, Inc., 763614 Postponed