Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Property Tax Rules

Title 18, Public Revenues California Code of Regulations


Chapter 3. Local Equalization (301–369)

Article 1. Hearing by County Board (301–369)

Rule 302

Rule 302. The Board's Function and Jurisdiction.

Authority: Section 15606, Government Code.

Reference: Sections 531.1, 1603, 1604, and 1605.5, Revenue and Taxation Code.

(a) The functions of the board are:

(1) To lower, sustain, or increase upon application, or to increase after giving notice when no application has been filed, individual assessments in order to equalize assessments on the local tax assessment roll,

(2) To determine the full value and, where appealed, the base year value of the property that is the subject of the hearing,

(3) To hear and decide penalty assessments, and to review, equalize and adjust escaped assessments on that roll except escaped assessments made pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 531.1,

(4) To determine the classification of the property that is the subject of the hearing, including classifications within the general classifications of real property, improvements, and personal property. Such classifications may result in the property so classified being exempt from property taxation,

(5) To determine the allocation of value to property that is the subject of the hearing, and

(6) To exercise the powers specified in section 1605.5 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

(b) Except as provided in subdivision (a)(4), the board has no jurisdiction to grant or deny exemptions or to consider allegations that claims for exemption from property taxes have been improperly denied.

(c) The board acts in a quasi-judicial capacity and renders its decision only on the basis of proper evidence presented at the hearing.

History: Adopted May 11, 1967, effective June 11, 1967.

Amended May 21, 1968, effective June 26, 1968.

Amended June 4, 1969, effective June 6, 1969.

Amended May 5, 1971, effective June 10, 1971.

Amended December 17, 1975, effective January 25, 1976.

Amended January 6, 2000, effective April 22, 2000.

Amended June 30, 2004, effective August 25, 2004.