Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Revenue and Taxation Code

Property Taxation

Part 6. Tax Sales

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1. Publication of Delinquent List and Notice of Sale | (View entire chapter)

Article 1 Generally

Article 1.5 Deeds to the State

Article 1.7 Published Delinquent List

Article 1.8 Alternative Method of Publication

CHAPTER 2. Sale by Operation of Law | (View entire chapter)

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2. Alternative Provisions

CHAPTER 2.2. Medium of Payment | (View entire chapter)

CHAPTER 4. Deed to State [Repealed] | (View entire chapter)

CHAPTER 4.3. Classification of Tax-Deeded Property [Repealed]

CHAPTER 5. Quieting Title Under Tax Deed [Repealed]

CHAPTER 5.7. Taxpayer's Action to Contest the Validity of Tax Sale or Tax Deed [Repealed]

CHAPTER 6. Power of State to Rent Tax-Deeded Property [Repealed]

CHAPTER 7. Sale to Private Parties After Deed To State | (View entire chapter)

CHAPTER 8. Deed to State, County or Public Agencies | (View entire chapter)

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Purchase from the State

Article 3 Sales Between Taxing Agencies

CHAPTER 9. Correlative Rights of Taxing Agencies [Repealed]

CHAPTER 10. Rights of Purchaser of Tax-Deeded Property, or Any Other Person Claiming Through Him, to Bring Action to Determine Adverse Claims to or Clouds Upon Tax-Deeded Property Purchased From the State | (View entire chapter)