Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Revenue and Taxation Code

Property Taxation

Part 0.5. Implementation of Article XIII A of the California Constitution

Chapter 6. Allocation of Property Tax Revenue

Article 5. Jurisdictional Changes and Negotiated Transfers

Section 99.1

99.1. Subsequent computations for transfer of revenues between local agencies. (a) For the purposes of the computations required by this chapter for the 1986–87 fiscal year and fiscal years thereafter, in the case of any transfer of property tax revenues between local agencies that is adopted and approved in conformity with subdivisions (b) and (c), the county auditor shall adjust the allocation of property tax revenue determined pursuant to Section 96.1 or its predecessor section, or the annual tax increment determined pursuant to Section 96.5 or its predecessor section, for those local agencies whose allocation would be altered by the transfer.

(b) Commencing with the 1986–87 fiscal year or any fiscal year thereafter, a local agency may, by the adoption of a resolution of its governing board, determine to exchange any portion of its property tax revenues that is allocable to one or more tax rate areas, with one or more other local agencies having the same tax rate area or tax rate areas. Upon the adoption of the resolution, the governing board of the local agency shall notify the board of supervisors of the affected county.

If the transfer of property tax revenues will alter the property tax revenue allocation of a city, the governing board of the local agency shall, upon adoption of the resolution, also notify the affected city.

(c) If the board of supervisors of the affected county concurs with the proposed exchange of property tax revenues, it shall, by resolution, approve the exchange and notify the county auditor. If the property tax allocation of a city would be affected by the exchange, the board shall not notify the county auditor pursuant to this subdivision until the city council of the affected city has, by resolution, approved the proposed exchange of property tax revenues.

(d) Upon receipt of notification from the board of supervisors pursuant to subdivision (c), the county auditor shall make the necessary adjustments specified in subdivision (a).

(e) Prior to the adoption by the governing board of a local agency of a resolution pursuant to subdivision (b), the local agency shall hold a public hearing to consider the effect of the proposed transfer. Notice of the hearing shall be published pursuant to Section 6061 of the Government Code in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the local agency.

(f) No local agency shall reallocate property tax revenue pursuant to this section unless the transfer will not result in any increase in the ratio between the amount of revenues of the transferring agency that are generated by regulatory licenses, use charges, user fees, or assessments and the amount of revenues of the transferring agency used to finance services provided by it.

(g) This section applies only to exchanges affecting the Ventura Regional Sanitation District located within the County of Ventura.