Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Revenue and Taxation Code

Property Taxation

Part 0.5. Implementation of Article XIII A of the California Constitution

Chapter 3.5. Change in Ownership and New Construction After the Lien Date

Article 6.5. Reimbursement for County Costs*

Section 75.65

75.65. Supplemental Roll Administrative Cost Fund. (a) There is hereby appropriated from the General Fund to the Supplemental Roll Administrative Cost Fund (hereafter referred to as "the fund"), which is hereby created, the sum of ten million seventy-five thousand four hundred ninety dollars ($10,075,490).

(b) Money in the fund shall be allocated to counties to pay for the costs of administering this chapter in the 1983–84 fiscal year, where such costs are in excess of the amount of property tax revenue allocated for administrative costs pursuant to Section 75.60.

(c) The Controller shall allocate those funds upon certification by the board and the Department of Finance that the claim by the county for reimbursement of excess administrative cost is predicated on prudent administrative practice and does not incorporate expenses which are not essential to the administration of this chapter.

(d) Counties may submit claims for reimbursement for excess administrative costs of administering the provisions of this chapter to the board no later than January 15, 1984. The board shall review those claims and forward them with recommendations to the Department of Finance by March 1, 1984. If approved by the Department of Finance, the claim shall be submitted to the Controller for payment from the fund. The claim shall be paid no later than April 15, 1984.

(e) The Department of Finance shall develop guidelines for county claims pursuant to this article, which shall be developed in consultation with the board and with representatives of county assessors, county auditors and county tax collectors. The guidelines shall be issued by December 1, 1983.

History.—Stats. 1984, Ch. 846, in effect January 1, 1985, substituted "ten million seventy-five thousand four hundred ninety dollars ($10,075,490)." for "ten million dollars ($10,000,000)" in the first sentence of subdivision (a).

Note.—Section 2 of Stats. 1984, Ch. 846, in effect January 1, 1985, provided any claim for reimbursement which a county submitted to the State Board of Equalization between January 20, 1984, and March 1, 1984, inclusive, shall be paid by the Controller from the Supplemental Roll Administrative Cost Fund in the amount certified to the Controller by the Department of Finance.

* Article 6.5 was added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 1102, in effect September 27, 1983.