Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Revenue and Taxation Code

Property Taxation

Part 2. Assessment

CHAPTER 1. Taxation Base

Article 1. Taxable and Exempt Property

Section 214.5

214.5. Welfare exemption; schools of less than collegiate grade. (a) Property used exclusively for school purposes of less than collegiate grade, or exclusively for purposes of both schools of and less than collegiate grade, and owned and operated by religious, hospital or charitable funds, foundations or corporations, which property and funds, foundations, limited liability companies, or corporations meet all of the requirements of Section 214, shall be deemed to be within the exemption provided for in subdivision (b) of Section 4 and Section 5 of Article XIII of the Constitution of the State of California and Section 214. This section shall not be construed to enlarge the college exemption.

(b) The amendments made by the act adding this subdivision shall apply with respect to lien dates occurring on and after January 1, 2005.

History.—Added by Stats. 1953, p. 1910, in effect September 9, 1953. Stats. 1974, Ch. 311, p. 596, in effect January 1, 1975, substituted "subdivision (b) of Section 4 and Section 5" for "Section 1c" in the first sentence. Stats. 2004, Ch. 354 (AB 3073), in effect August 30, 2004, designated the former first paragraph as new subdivision (a) and added ", limited liability companies," after "foundations," in the second sentence therein; and added subdivision (b).