Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Revenue and Taxation Code

Other Taxes

Part 6.7. Documentary Transfer Tax Act

Chapter 4. Administration

Section 11932

11932. Tax and location shown on face of document. If a county has imposed a tax pursuant to this part, every document subject to tax that is submitted for recordation shall show on the face of the document the amount of tax due and the incorporated or unincorporated location of the lands, tenements or other realty described in the document.

History.—Stats. 1968, p. 161, in effect April 9, 1968, operative July 1, 1968, renumbered former Section 11932 as 11931 and added the present Section 11932. Stats. 2014, Ch. 20 (AB 1888), in effect January 1, 2015, substituted "that" for "which" after "to tax" in the first sentence and deleted the former second sentence which provided that the tax due could be shown on a separate paper upon request.