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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

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Provisions Relating to Historical Property Contracts

Historical Property Contracts

Article 12. Historical Property Contracts*

Section 50287

50287. Court action as alternative to cancellation. As an alternative to cancellation of the contract for breach of any condition, a landowner that is a party to the contract may bring any action in court necessary to enforce a contract including, but not limited to, an action to enforce the contract by specific performance or injunction.

History.—Stats. 2011, Ch. 278 (AB 654), in effect January 1, 2012, substituted "a landowner that is a party to the contract" for "the county, city, or any landowner" after "any condition," and added a comma after "enforce a contract" in the first sentence.

* Article 12 was added by Stats. 1972, p. 3159, in effect March 7, 1973.