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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

Additional Government Code Provisions

Provisions Relating to Recording of Documents

Chapter 6. Recorder

Article 4. Recording

Section 27321

27321. Endorsement upon instruments. (a) The recorder shall endorse upon each instrument the identification number or book and page where it is recorded, and shall thereafter mail it to the person named in the instrument for return mail, or deliver it to the party presenting it for record.

(b) Where any recorded instrument or document effectuating a change in ownership is not accompanied by a change in ownership statement, the recorder shall either include with the return of any such recorded instrument or document a change in ownership statement as provided in Section 480 of the Revenue and Taxation Code or specifically identify those recorded documents not accompanied by an ownership statement when providing the assessor with a copy of the transfer of ownership document pursuant to Section 255.7 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

History.—Added by Stats. 1947, Ch. 424, p. 1162. Stats. 1979, Ch. 242, in effect July 10, 1979 added second paragraph. Stats. 1982, Ch. 843, in effect January 1, 1983, added "identification number or" before "book" and substituted "where" for "in which" after "page" in the first paragraph. Stats. 2015, Ch. 269 (SB 184), in effect January 1, 2016, designated the former first paragraph as subdivision (a) and deleted ", or if specified to the contrary deliver," after "thereafter mail", substituted "or deliver it" for "and if no such person is named," after "return mail," and substituted "presenting" for "leaving" after "the party" in the first sentence therein; and designated the former second paragraph as subdivision (b).