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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

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Chapter 3. Open-Space Subventions*

Section 16154

16154. Report of additional information. In addition to the report required by Section 16144, the Secretary of the Resources Agency shall require from local government agencies such other information relative to lands valued pursuant to Section 8 of Article XIII of the California Constitution as is necessary for the proper administration of the provisions of Sections 16142 through 16153 and for periodic review of the policies established therein.

Information collected pursuant to this section shall be transmitted on request to the Legislature and to other state agencies, including, but not limited to, the State Board of Equalization, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Department of Food and Agriculture.

History.—Stats. 1972, p. 2393, in effect December 13, 1972, renumbered and amended former Section 16119 as Section 16154. Stats. 1973, Ch. 140, p. 376, in effect January 1, 1974, added "Food and" in the first sentence of the second paragraph. Stats. 1984, Ch. 193, in effect January 1, 1985, substituted "Section 8 of Article XIII" for "the provisions of Article 28" in the first paragraph.

* Section 7 of Stats. 1976, Ch. 658, provided that the intent of the Legislature is to reallocate the open-space subventions to give greater priority to lands which are threatened with development or urbanization. It is also the intent of the Legislature that the provisions of this bill apply only until a revised system is developed by the state to more clearly express its interest in the preservation of certain categories of land.

† For the genesis of Chapter 3 see: Stats. 1969, p. 3115; Stats. 1970, p. 899; Stats. 1970, p. 2067; Stats. 1971 (First Extra Session), p. 4881; Stats. 1971 (First Extra Session), p. 5136; Stats. 1972, p. 1977. These provisions were renumbered 16140–16153 and amended in part by Stats. 1972, p. 1997, in effect August 18, 1972.