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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

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Provisions Relating to Property Tax Relief



Chapter 1. Appropriations*

Section 16100.6

16100.6. Payment. Out of the amount appropriated to the Controller by Section 16100, the Controller shall pay each year to each local government on claims submitted 45 days after the effective date of the addition of this section to the code and on September 1 of each year thereafter the actual increased cost to that local government caused by Section 8106 of the Elections Code. The Controller may reduce any claim that appears to be excessive or unreasonable and shall adjust the payment for the current fiscal year for any underpayment or overpayment in a prior fiscal year. The Controller may audit the records of any local public agency to verify actual cost.

History.—Added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 454, in effect July 11, 1974. Stats. 1994, Ch. 923, in effect January 1, 1995, substituted "that" for "such" after "cost to" and substituted "Section 8106" for "the provisions of Section 6555" after "caused by" in the first sentence; and substituted "that" for "which" after "claim" in the second sentence.

Note.—Section 271 of Stats. 1994, Ch. 923, provided that the Legislature declares that the changes made by this act are technical and nonsubstantive in nature, and are necessitated by the reorganization of the Elections Code by Senate Bill 1547 of the 1993–94 Regular Session.

* Unless otherwise noted, Chapter 1, originally composed of Sections 16100–16118, was enacted by Stats. 1969, p. 3114, operative July 1, 1970; repealed and reenacted by Stats. 1971 (First Extra Session) p. 4880, in effect December 8, 1971; amended in part by Stats. 1971 (First Extra Session) p. 5135, in effect December 30, 1971; and repealed and reenacted by Stats. 1972, p. 2953, in effect January 1, 1973.