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Annotation 880.0361

880.0361 Charitable. Under Revenue and Taxation Code section 214(a), the exemption is available for property used exclusively for charitable purposes, owned and operated by foundations organized and operated for such purposes if all the requirements for exemption are satisfied. The primary test of the charitable purposes aspect is whether the activity provides a general community benefit whose "ultimate recipients are either the community as a whole or an unascertainable and indefinite portion thereof." (Stockton Civic Theatre v. Board of Supervisors, 66 Cal.2d 13.) This means that the class benefited must be sufficiently large that a gift to it may be considered to benefit an indefinite portion of the community.

A foundation's purpose may be to provide grants to qualified, nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations which provide a broad range of cultural, educational, health, and human services. The grants fund community activities including, but not limited to, homeless programs, scholarships for financially disadvantaged students, and cultural activities, as well as construction and/or renovation of community facilities such as hospitals, schools, day-care centers, theatres, and art museums. Such a foundation's purpose of philanthropy is a charitable purpose within the meaning of section 214(a). C 10/18/2001.