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Annotation 880.0231

880.0231 Property Acquired After Beginning of Fiscal Year. Revenue and Taxation Code section 271(a)(3) applies to secured roll personal properties as well as to secured roll lands and improvements acquired by Welfare organizations and certain other organizations after the beginning of a fiscal year and subject to property taxes for that year, and all are entitled to pro-rata exemption thereunder, assuming that all the requirements for exemption are met. Property taxes for personal properties on the unsecured roll are the obligations of the persons to whom those properties are assessed on the lien date, and Welfare organizations and other organizations that acquire unsecured roll personal properties, whether before or after the beginning of a fiscal year, do not take them subject to any liens and hence, do not become liable for payments of any unpaid property taxes with respect to those properties. Thus, circumstances that give rise to the application of section 271(a)(3) do not exist, and resort thereto is neither contemplated nor necessary in such instances. C 1/17/1995.