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Annotation 790.0175

790.0175 New Construction. Revenue and Taxation Code section 75.12 excludes any newly constructed real property, including grading, constructing roads, and installing underground utilities in a new subdivision, from supplemental assessment where the property is held for sale and the notice required thereby, that the owner notifies the assessor prior to, or within 30 days of, the date of commencement of construction that he does not intend to occupy or use the property, is given. In such event, the new construction will become subject to supplemental assessment at the time the property is occupied or used with the owner's consent.

If the required notice is not given, the date of completion of the new construction is the date upon which the new construction is available for use by the owner, the date upon which the property has been inspected and approved by the appropriate government official, or, in the absence of such inspection and approval procedures, the date as of which the prime contractor has fulfilled all of the contractual obligations. C 3/29/1985.