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Annotation 790.0091

790.0091 Fixtures. As the result of the 1985 addition of Revenue and Taxation Code section 75.16, the value of fixtures removed on or after March 1, 1985, is to be included in any computation of fixture value whether or not the removal is associated with other new construction. Pursuant to sections 75.15 and 75.16, the values of fixture removals reported for March 1, 1985, to February 28, 1986, will be considered as negative amounts, credits, when computing any supplemental assessment to be enrolled. If only fixture removals are reported, the taxpayer would get a refund, but only if the taxes had been previously paid; otherwise, the values become negative values that can offset positive values.

Fixtures are deemed to be removed when they are severed from realty; i.e., become personal property. The date of removal to be reported on AH 571D, the supplemental schedule for reporting monthly acquisitions and disposals of property, is the date on which the fixture is severed. LTA 3/31/1986 (No. 86/32).