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Annotation 630.0043

630.0043 Trailers Licensed in Oregon. Commercial trailers that are issued permanent valid identification plates under Vehicle Code section 5014.1 are exempt from property taxation pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 225, subdivision (a). Section 5014.1 was added as part of an enactment by which California entered into the International Registration Plan agreement, a reciprocity registration agreement to facilitate commercial vehicle registration and operation and provide a uniform system for the allocation and collection of commercial vehicle operating fees among the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces. The agreement provides that commercial trailers registered and licensed in one of those jurisdictions is exempt from registration and licensing requirements and fees in any of the other jurisdictions. Thus, under Vehicle Code section 6852, commercial trailers registered in Oregon are accorded the same privileges as trailers registered in California under section 5014.1, including the exemption from property taxation. C 11/17/2004.