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Annotation 535.0006

535.0006 City Regulatory Agreement—Affordable Housing. A city redevelopment agency, with assistance from the City, increases the supply of affordable housing within its redevelopment area by requiring developers seeking approval to build housing projects and sell a portion of the dwelling units (affordable units) to low or moderate income purchasers (purchasers).

In order to acquire the property, the purchaser must obtain a first mortgage from a private lender, the amount of which is tied to the median-area income, the purchaser's income, and current interest rates (first mortgage). Additionally, prior to closing, each purchaser of an affordable unit must enter into a recorded regulatory agreement with the City that requires that the purchaser execute a promissory note and second trust deed, referred to as a silent second mortgage, under which the City may require payment after a period of years.

The recorded regulatory Agreement entered into by the City and the purchaser constitutes an enforceable government restriction under section 402.1. Thus, in the absence of evidence of comparable sales of similarly restricted property, the value of the affordable units for property tax purposes, under section 110(b), is their purchase price, which in each case may be estimated by adding the sum of the down payment and the face amount of the first mortgage to the assessor's estimate of the present economic value of the silent second. C 2/8/2007; C 4/10/2007.