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Annotation 500.0030

500.0030 New Construction. Revenue and Taxation Code section 439.1 specifies that "restricted historical property" that qualifies for restricted valuation under section 439.2 means qualified historical property under Government Code section 50280.1 subject to a historical property contract. Under section 50280.1, a "qualified historical property" is privately owned property which is not exempt from taxation and is listed either in the National Register of Historic Places or in any local official register of historical or architecturally significant sites or is located in a registered historic district. The subject property was described in the historical property contract as "a building, structure, object, site or district as defined in National Register Bulletin 15" under the governing local ordinance. Section IV of the National Register Bulletin 15 specifies that buildings eligible for the National Register must include all their basic structural elements. A newly constructed building, such as a garage, that does not include the basic structural elements of an existing historical building does not qualify as enforceably restricted historical property subject to valuation under Revenue and Taxation Code section 439.2. C 8/3/2004.