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Annotation 493.0081

493.0081 Limited Liability Company. Certain real property is owned by a grandparent's trust, which became irrevocable upon the grandparent's death. Under the terms of the trust, grandparent's child is the present lifetime beneficiary of the trust with the remainder to the grandchildren. It is proposed that the property be transferred to a limited liability company (LLC) of which the trust would be the sole member. Upon the death of the child, the LLC would be dissolved and the property would be transferred from the LLC to the trust and then distributed to the grandchildren. However, the proposed transfer of real property from the trust to an LLC will result in the grandchildren receiving interests in the LLC upon child's death, rather than real property. The transfer of interests in an LLC from a grandparent to a grandchild is not eligible for the grandparent-grandchild exclusion. C 10/1/2007.