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Annotation 460.0025

460.0025 Oil and Gas Leases in Tax Exempt Properties. Revenue and Taxation Code sections 107.2 and 107.3 and subdivision (b) of Property Tax Rule 27 apply to the valuation of oil and gas possessory interests created on or before July 26, 1963, and extended or renewed after that date pursuant to Public Resources Code section 6827, which prohibits a reduction of the royalty rate. Public Resources Code section 6827.2, which authorizes the State Lands Commission to renegotiate the lease including the royalty rate if continued production is economically unfeasible under the terms of the lease, is not applicable since that section was enacted after the lease was last extended or renewed and, even if it had been in effect, there is no indication that an increase in assessed value would result in a finding by the Commission that continued economic production would be economically unfeasible. C 7/21/1992.