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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2017

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400.0000 EXEMPTION

See Aircraft of Historical Significance Exemption; Business Inventory Exemption; Church Exemption; Church Parking Area Exemption; College Exemption; Disabled Veterans' Exemption; Free Public Library and Free Museum Exemption; Fruit, Nut Tree, and Grapevine Exemption; Growing Crops Exemption; Homeowners' Exemption; Lessor's Exemption; Local Government-Owned Property; Pets Exemption; Public Schools Exemption; Rental Housing Exemption; State-Owned Property; State University Exemption; Tribal Housing Exemption; Veterans Exemption; Veterans' Organization Exemption; Welfare Exemption; Wine Exemption

400.0001 Applicability. Property tax exemptions are exemptions from ad valorem taxes on real property only, not from special taxes or special assessments. C 9/6/1985.

400.0036 Late Filing-Supplemental Assessment. The availability of exemptions, other than the homeowners' exemption, is a matter of timing; and failure to file timely results in a partial loss of exemption, and failure to file on or before the date on which the first installment of taxes on the supplemental tax bill becomes delinquent results in total loss of exemption. C 8/10/1987.

400.0040 Low Value Property Exemption. "All real property" as used in Revenue and Taxation Code section 155.20 means all real property satisfying the value limitations in that section is to be exempted. C 6/29/1995.

400.0050 Property Acquired After Lien Date. Revenue and Taxation Code section 271 is applicable only in instances in which qualifying organizations become owners of properties after the lien date. C 3/3/1983.

400.0051 Property Acquired After Lien Date. Revenue and Taxation Code section 271 is applicable to property acquired by a qualified organization after the lien date, provided the property is of a kind which would have been qualified for exemption if owned by the organization on the lien date. Qualification for exemption is determined by the use to which the property is put by the acquiring qualified organization, not the use made of the property by the former owner. C 4/1/1988.

400.0052 Property Acquired After Beginning of Fiscal Year. Revenue and Taxation Code section 271(a)(3) applies to secured roll personal property as well as to secured roll land and improvements acquired by the types of organizations specified in that section. Acquisitions occurring after the beginning of a fiscal year are exempt from tax on a prorated basis that reflects the period during the fiscal year that the organization owned the property, if all exemption requirements are met. Section 271 provides exemption application filing requirements and reductions in relief when applications are not timely filed. LTA 2/7/1996 (No. 96/07).