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Annotation 390.0100

390.0100 Unrecorded. The phrase "unrecorded change in ownership or change in control" in Revenue and Taxation Code section 532(b) refers solely to deeds or other documents reflecting a change in the recorded title to property and does not refer to change in ownership statements. The statute of limitation periods for making arbitrary and escape assessments are based upon both the filing of documents of title and the filing of change in ownership statements. The basic purpose of the requirement for filing change in ownership statements is to give notice and information to the assessor. However, the recording of documents of title is also a form of notice to the assessor, since assessors regularly receive recorded information from the recorder's office. Accordingly, the property tax consequences for failing to file a change in ownership statement are less severe if documents of title have been recorded and more severe if documents of title have not been recorded. C 2/27/2001.