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Annotation 220.0865

220.0865 U.S. Forest Service Permittees. Changes in ownership may occur when an association of U.S. Forest Service permittees combines to purchase land and then exchanges the newly purchased land for the sites the permittees have been using and have been assessed possessory interests for in prior years. In effect, the permittees are purchasing reversionary interests and become absolute owners of the sites.

1. The creation, renewal, sublease or assignment of a taxable possessory interest in tax exempt real property, whether the reversionary interest or the leasehold interest, constitutes a change in ownership of the entire property. Thus, reappraisal of the entire sites is proper since reversionary interests/taxable possessory interests have been transferred.

2. With regard to improvements on the sites, the specific circumstances will govern:

(a) No change in ownership occurs where permittees have held title to the improvements through the years.

(b) Where the Forest Service has held title to the improvements through the years, the improvements should be treated like the sites and reappraised entirely.

Relevant considerations in this regard are who built the improvements; whether the lease, contract, or other written instrument provides who has title to the improvements; and whether permittees are able to remove the improvements at the end of their terms or whether they must leave them on their sites. Where a permittee built the improvement and is required to remove it at the end of the term, title can be said to be held by the permittee. On the other hand, where title to the improvement vests in the Forest Service (regardless of who built it) or a permittee cannot remove the improvement at the end of the term, title is held by the Forest Service. C 3/6/1980.