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Annotation 220.0819

220.0819 Trusts—Resulting Trust. An individual purchased parcels of land and recorded title in his nominee's name. Purchaser delivered the purchase money with his checks, paid all taxes, recorded a continuing farming agreement, and had a verbal agreement and a power of attorney from the nominee. The nominee executed quitclaim deeds conveying title to the purchaser shortly after the purchase, but they were not recorded until years later in conjunction with the purchaser's transfer of the parcels to his trust.

The nominee's transfer of the parcels by quitclaim deeds to the purchaser did not result in a change in ownership either when the deeds were delivered or when they were recorded, since the nominee was not the beneficial owner of the parcels. While Evidence Code section 662 provides that the owner of legal title is also the beneficial owner of the property, this presumption may be rebutted by clear and convincing proof that another person has beneficial ownership. In addition to the possibility of a nominee relationship, a resulting trust is established when the evidence shows that a transfer of property is made to one person, and the purchase price is paid by another. C 8/25/1992; C 8/1/1994.