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Annotation 220.0818

220.0818 Trusts—Powers of Appointment. California Civil Code section 600 and following sections provide for the creation of a power of appointment whereby a person may appoint or transfer to others an interest in property held by an inter vivos or testamentary trust.

If a power of appointment allows for the transfer of property from the trust to the holder of the power, his estate, his creditors, the creditors of his estate, or any of them, it is a general power of appointment. A grant of a general power of appointment is equivalent to a grant of absolute ownership. Thus, the exercise of a general power of appointment in favor of the decedent's spouse and children is legally equivalent to the transfer by the decedent of the property held by the trust to the decedent's spouse and children.

To the extent that a trust includes interests in real property, a transfer of real property through exercise of a general power of appointment may qualify for the interspousal exclusion if to a spouse, or for the parent-child exclusion if to a child, provided timely claims for exclusion are filed and all other requirements of Revenue and Taxation Code sections 63 or 63.1, as appropriate, are satisfied. C 12/26/1990.