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Annotation 220.0787

220.0787 Trusts. If cash held by irrevocable trusts is used to purchase ownership interests in legal entities, then the present beneficial interests in those ownership interests become vested in the trusts. Termination of the trusts and distribution of the ownership interests in the legal entities to the respective present beneficiaries as individuals are not transfers of the present beneficial interests in the properties held by the trusts and, therefore, no changes in ownership occur. Furthermore, because the beneficiaries hold the present beneficial interests in the ownership interests prior to distribution, there is no transfer of ownership interests which might trigger a change in ownership of real property owned by the legal entities. Thus, the ownership interests distributed are not cumulated or counted for purposes of subdivision (d) of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64, and are not considered for purposes of determining whether a single person or entity has acquired "control" within the meaning of subdivision (c) of section 64. C 10/22/1997.