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Annotation 220.0778

220.0778 Trusts. Upon the husband's death in 1976, his one-half interest in the community property went into a "Residual Trust" and the wife's one-half interest therein went into a "Marital Deduction Trust". The surviving children were the "Residual Trust" beneficiaries, with limitations on the timing and amount they could receive. The principle was to be distributed to them upon the youngest child's attaining a specified age. The wife was to receive income from the "Residual Trust" before the children if the amount she received annually from the "Marital Deduction Trust" was less than a specified sum.

Under these facts, the son and daughter became vested present interest beneficiaries in the "Residual Trust" in 1976, while the wife received only a contingent interest therein. Thus, the son and daughter obtained beneficial title to the property in the "Residual Trust" prior to the time the change in ownership statutes were enacted, and the subsequent transfer of bare legal title to the property to them in 1985 was covered by the exclusion contained in Property Tax rule 462(i)(4)(A). C 2/2/1989.