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Annotation 220.0769

220.0769 Trusts. The trustee of an irrevocable trust which holds capital and profits interests in a limited partnership does not have direct or indirect ownership of those partnership interests, except to the extent that he is also the present beneficiary of the trust. Where a partner, as an individual, owns a 40 percent partnership interest and four irrevocable trusts, in which the partner is trustee, each own a 10 percent partnership interest, the partner does not, thereby, hold a majority ownership interest in the partnership. The present beneficiaries of each trust and not the partner as "trustee," are the "owners" of the trusts' respective partnership interests. For purposes of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(c), if the partner acquires an additional 15 percent of the partnership interests from the trusts, there would be a change in control of the limited partnership, since the partner would have obtained more than 50 percent of the total capital and profits interests. C 12/11/1991.