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Annotation 220.0762

220.0762 Trusts. As to a surviving spouse's beneficial interest in the property of a "B" trust in an "A-B" trust, where the "A" trust is used to hold the assets which qualify for the marital deduction and the "B" trust is used to hold the balance of the assets:

1. For the property which passes to the "B" trust to qualify for the interspousal exclusion, the surviving spouse must be the sole present beneficiary of the trust. Upon the death of the second spouse, the property will be subject to reappraisal.

2. The trustee may have the discretion to distribute or accumulate income.

3. If the trustee has the discretion to distribute income among the surviving spouse and others, the surviving spouse is not the sole present beneficiary of the trust, and the property cannot qualify for the interspousal exclusion. C 8/31/1981.