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Annotation 220.0615

220.0615 Revocable Trust. Under Civil Code section 852, which provides that no trust in relation to real property is valid unless created or declared:

1. By a written instrument, subscribed by the trustee, or by his agent thereto authorized by writing;

2. By the instrument under which the trustee claims the estate affected; or

3. By operation of law; and

Code of Civil Procedure section 1971, which provides, in part, that no estate or interest in real property nor any trust over or concerning it can be created, granted, or declared, otherwise than by operation of law, or a conveyance or other instrument in writing, subscribed by the party creating, granting, or declaring the same, an express trust with respect to real property is required to be in writing, subscribed by the trustor or trustee. This is the only manner in which a trust in real property can be created, except by operation of law. C 10/10/1980.