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Annotation 220.0605

220.0605 Resulting Trust. A transfers real property to B and B subsequently transfers it to C by executing a quit claim deed. C claims to be the actual purchaser from A and that B was merely the holder of the legal title which was relinquished on request. There are two bases for concluding B's transfer was not a change in ownership.

When title to property is transferred to a person other than the one who paid the purchase price, the law presumes a trust results even through no trust terminology is used in the transfer document.

Additionally, while Evidence Code section 662 provides that the owner of the legal title to real property is rebuttably presumed to be the owner of the beneficial title, this presumption may be rebutted by clear and convincing proof, such as the source of the purchase funds, the source of funds used to pay property taxes, maintenance and repair, and evidence of the treatment of the property for state and/or federal income tax purposes. C 8/25/1992.