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Annotation 220.0599

220.0599 Rescission. Parties to a contract of sale may, on their own accord, mutually consent to the rescission. The provisions of the Civil Code do not require a court order or approval for a contract rescission to be valid when the parties to the contract mutually agree to rescind.

There is no minimum passage of time necessary in order to recognize a change in ownership of property, even if the transfer is later rescinded. Revenue and Taxation Code section 75.11(c) provides for the enrollment of net supplemental assessments when there are multiple changes in ownership of property during the same assessment year. Although Revenue and Taxation Code section 75.41(b) requires an auditor to compute the supplemental tax liability according to a proration factor which presumes that a change in ownership event occurred on the first day of the month following the actual event date, this section does not conflict with nor impact an assessor's duty to issue supplemental assessments, including net supplemental assessments, in accordance with section 75.11(c). The computation of supplemental tax liabilities is distinct from an assessor's obligation to enroll the supplemental assessments related to the change in ownership of a property. C 6/29/2001.